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 jeanine [email protected]

#MadeinDagenham a fabulous show ….book up and go and see it – you’ll laugh your socks off

Jo Brodie @JoBrodie

#MadeInDagenham officially brilliant. Like having a firework display in your living room w brilliant things popping up & lovely music

Eos @EosChater

they were laughing and crying throughout (not simultaneously). Great true story & an amazing show with stellar performances #MadeinDagenham

Pete Town @PeteTown

#MadeinDagenham bloody brilliant! A must see in the West End! Go!

AMovieTheatreGoer @MovieTheatrGoer

The strong thing about #MadeInDagenham is it’s from a real story & still actual! So it isn’t “just a musical”, it’s a piece of history…but fun!

Beckett @bigboybeckett

#MadeinDagenham that was bloody brilliant. Not what I expected. Hilarious. Can’t wait to come back and see it again.

Lara Ruffle @lararuffle

That was bloody brilliant! #MadeInDagenham #GemmaArterton @ The Adelphi Theatre http://instagram.com/p/t8pRgAR2a8/

Karen Philpott @KarenLPhilpott

Absolutely superb show loved every minute of it #MadeinDagenham


#MadeinDagenham Absolutely fabulous! Do not miss. @GemmaArterton a star indeed. Maestro @DavidGArnold on top form.

Anna Watkins @annawatkins5879

Still singing the songs from #MadeinDagenham this morning -very funny & catchy. Great performances, brill staging & fab music.